Reworking the Ledge Grab

I have to rework the ledge grab a little because of how the player interacts with the environment.

It wasn’t suggested that I do this by the programmer but since I had to make some adjustments, I figured why the hell not.

This is a pencil rough where I was just sketching some ideas.

Production Process- Sprite sizing

While working on the animations I neglected how their size would look in UE4 as far as rendered sprites. I revisited my size chart where everyone was scaled according to Lulu. I made the changes and then took each of these images into their respective animation files and resized them in TvPaint. It was a super pain in the ass, but I learned something from it and that is always a good place to come out of a problem.

Run cycle update

It’s been awhile since I looked at Lulu’s run. Aside from the ears, one of my favorite Corgi parts are the thick pads/feet that support my favorite lowriders. It suddenly occurred to me that I made her feet look small. So I did a rough with bigger pads, more volume in the body and fixed the ears. You can see the comparison to the old version at the bottom.



Here is some of the work that I failed to post while updating other social media sites.

Sorry, I promise I’ll get better at doing everything at the same time.

The first image is a long level that will introduce the player how to interact with the environment.