All rough Ollie animations

All rough Ollie Animations test in the engine, set up mechanics and make sure the the animations look good in the game. Once everything is set I’ll go back over all the animations and clean and Ink them.

1. Attack
2. Attack Idle
3. Idle to Attack
4. Birth/Emerge
5. Shock state Idle
6. Idle
7. Hit react
8. Rest Idle
9. Explosion
10. Return to attack state
11. Stunned Idle. 11 and 12 will be move in engine,
12. Return to Attack state Idle
13. Explosion on head when Ollie is killed.


Ground Fx aren’t done because until I get it in the engine and interact, I really have no idea what to do. I spent 3 hours going through all kinds of ideas and each one made me nauseous. For now, here is one of the attacks from this creature.