A Crooked Heart

A Crooked Heart will be released on the Steam store Jan 8th 2021

A Crooked Heart and Little Blackbird Studio is copyright Matt Tardiff

Lulu and Orion, the last of the Corgis, are fighting to protect their world from Seavus, The Dark One.  During a battle with his horde of evil minions, Orion was captured leaving the heartbroken Lulu to fight the battle all alone.  Unable to withstand the power of his army, Lulu was left behind, presumed dead.  A spark within her heart jolted Lulu back to life.  Mysteriously empowered, Lulu has one last opportunity to save her true love Orion and the world they have sworn to protect.  As her tumultuous quest plunges forward, Lulu will take control of the many powerful magics(relics/totems/etc.) she discovers along the way.  Utilizing her newfound abilities Lulu will seek the source of her powers, face the villainous Seavus, and prove the true meaning of love.  Join Lulu on her perilous journey to save Orion and destroy the dreaded Seavus, once and for all!

Why are Lulu and Orion important to Seavus?

Fusing with the world’s primary sources of food, the very essence of a creature, is what gives Seavus strength.  When Seavus began to spread, he sought only the strongest hosts to infect and absorb.  Soon he discovered that of all the creatures he absorbed, the Corgi, though small in scale, was a tremendous source of the essence he so desired.  Seavus’ greed has brought many creatures to the brink of extinction and although Lulu and Orion were able to escape the inevitable purge and go into hiding, Seavus’ minions finally captured Orion, leaving poor Lulu behind.   Sadly, his most desired Corgi’s were nearly gone but Seavus will stop at nothing to infect the last that remain.

How did she survive?

During the capture of Orion, a small piece of the Seavus became lodged in Lulu’s heart as she tried to fight them off.  As the infection began to take hold, the piece of Seavus became overwhelmed by her love for Orion.  As the mutation spread throughout Lulu’s body it became Rogue, a self-aware entity within her, which retained elements of Seavus’ power.  Rogue revitalized Lulu and has given her the ability to access upgrades and powers that will help her destroy Seavus and save Orion.  But what will happen to Lulu and Rogue when Seavus is destroyed?

What happens when Seavus is destroyed?

Rogue and Lulu have merged, and their fate will depend on how deep their connection develops during the story.  Will her connection with Rogue be severed?  If so, what does that mean?  However, the story plays out it will be handled with grace and care.  Fundamentally, this is a story of love.

Art Style

Designing characters that pop is always important, especially during fast paced action.  The contrast in A Crooked Heart delivers on this important goal while showcasing a stylized presentation not often seen in the mainstream media.

The juxtaposition between the B&W backgrounds and the colorful characters and effects allows for a freedom to design each independently while having the opportunity to play with the aspects that unite them.  The backgrounds retain a high level of detail exploring exciting imagery throughout each level.  Meanwhile the colorful character and effects look clean and sharp providing players the ability to focus on the action with clarity. So much effort has been put towards providing a beautiful and fun experience.  I hope every player enjoys this unique experience and falls in love with Lulu on her grand adventure.

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