For the next step in A Crooked Heart’s progress is to have a fleshed out, early access beta for release on Steam. In order to entice people to spend money on a beta, it’s advisable to at least have 20 minutes of gameplay. As far as research and gamer feedback I’ve collected. I blocked out 31 new rooms that’ll take place in 4 levels. I’m not adding art until I have the objectives, obstacles and general game flow worked out. Then, I have 31 backgrounds to draw. I was able to use several rooms 2-3 times. But the rooms will still have original art and stand apart from it’s structural twin.


New poster and menu image

I’m in the process of setting up my Steam shop so I can upload my demo and get even more people playing with Lulu.
And it’ll allow me another avenue to build a following so more people are aware of A Crooked Heart when it releases next year.

This is the new poster image and start menu that’ll be in the next demo update.


Main Splash