Background color

I’m keeping the backgrounds in a few shades of gray for several reasons. It’ll help the characters pop. I can focus the players attention to an important detail or object by adding a desaturated color like in the image with the monitor and boxes. The detail of the backgrounds won’t get lost in whatever crap color I would choose. And even though it’s not even close to being in the same league as Maurice Noble’s work with Chuck Jones, I still draw inspiration from his sweeping patches of value.

Attack parts

The following animations are two attacks and a telegraph to action, like an attack. I don’t have all the boss battle logistics worked out. So until I get it into the engine, I can’t say how it’s all going to go. For example, I can’t move the skull during the attacks until I know how the player will interact. Once I know, I’ll create an animation. I don’t know what other parts are going to take place during the fight. I know the enemies and how it might play out. But it’ll all depend on playing Lulu in the engine and work out what feels right.