All rough Ollie animations

All rough Ollie Animations test in the engine, set up mechanics and make sure the the animations look good in the game. Once everything is set I’ll go back over all the animations and clean and Ink them.

1. Attack
2. Attack Idle
3. Idle to Attack
4. Birth/Emerge
5. Shock state Idle
6. Idle
7. Hit react
8. Rest Idle
9. Explosion
10. Return to attack state
11. Stunned Idle. 11 and 12 will be move in engine,
12. Return to Attack state Idle
13. Explosion on head when Ollie is killed.


This is a bit premature. I’m hoping to have the demo finished no later than August. When it’s complete, I’ll be running an Indigogo campaign to raise money for the project.

That aside, what I really want to know is how many of you are anticipating the demo to get a sense of the game? When I release, who wants to play it?

Provide me this info by hitting Like and I’ll know through name and numbers who I’ll reach out to first, to test the overall game.

As always, I appreciate all the love for A Crooked Heart. Lulu and I thank you for all the support.

overdue updates

Huge update on A Crooked Heart. Juan and I have been establishing character and environment rules such as modular assets, character size, jump height etc. 
The biggest part we worked out was Lulu’s attack and environment traversal.

Names not final-
Dodge/dash attack
360 projectile bomb
In Air Zip
Ground Pound







Enemies Attack RulesC