Fun with screwing up molds

I’ve gone through 4 gallons of Dragon Skin, 2 gallons of Mold Max 14nv and a trial set of Dragon Skin, over the course of a year while I learn how to create silicone molds of my sculptures. Some of the screw ups were the result of my overwhelming impatience and inability to follow directions.
I sculpt using Chavant Hard Sulphur free clay. So I have to create a mold in order to get a proper copy. With this sculpt, I wanted to have Lulu sitting on top of a creature. It worked out and the next step was to prep it for the mold. This is were I fucked up. Because of all the undercuts, I thought it was a good idea to cut a portion of Lulu from the top after making registration marks. I created a mold for each, but the way I stabilized them was wrong and it all went to shit.
Lulu shifted so close to the edge the tip of her ear was almost poking out. When I pulled the sculpt out of the mold, her ears and nose came off and it was unsalvageable.
But I was at least able to make a reasonable cast in plaster even though the nose and ear points didn’t come out.
The base came out of the mold without issue. So I connected the plaster cast of Lulu to the clay sculpt of the base and repaired all the missing pieces. Then I sprayed the entire piece with Krylon Acrylic Coating. I used WED clay to create my base and wall, prepped the silicone and poured. Then I realized, shit, I was out and left with half a mold. Son of a botch. So after I sell a few more prints on Etsy, wink, wink, I can afford to spend more money on Mold Max 14nv from Smooth On.

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