Production Images

The main focus of A Crooked Heart is to show the relationship between lovers in a world that rejects them.  They have a small village of kind and helpful creatures that have become their family.

The images below contain a mixture of old and new characters.  Some of them are lying on the floor, writhing in pain having been cut from the story.


VariationsArotha farmers Olive Troll Bridge Flora_002 Yodda AquaticAssassins2 ImperialGuards Troglos PalaceGuard_Version2 Flora_004_Flora DehnukaCrew PaaddockP3 Sam and Jack Lulu Heads Paaddock_P2 Turtle Paaddock_Phase1 LittleGrabber Basher Saevus Monsters FireStarter Gnasher AcidDrop_Normal_Template Isadora Kotar

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