Verruca death plan

This is a perfect example why understanding the bouncing ball exercise is crucial to the life of an animator. It’s mechanics can be found in everything. I use it to help maintain volume while also breaking down the timing, spacing and purpose of the action. Also, this is Verruca, an annoying little creature that has one attack while also being dangerous to touch.

Problem solving on A Crooked Heart

Justin and I had a meeting to discuss A Crooked Heart and how the animations are working in UE4. Justin Gallois brining A Crooked Heart to life on the Unreal Engine side. An issue came up where I planned for the player to interact with the environment in a way that wouldn’t have worked in the end. Mainly because the 2d game environment is essentially an image, cut up a little to give the illusion of depth. But technically the player is only traveling across one axis. We the situation I storyboarded would have made the player move in Y as well as X. That’s not what our game is doing when it comes to actual gameplay.
So we came up with a cool solution that lets me have the fun animation I’m going for and still meet the needs of the player.

Lulu the Cyborgi

During the course of the year, A Crooked Heart has gone through many changes.

It was created after our corgi Lulu had two ACL surgeries in a row.  We joked about her being a cyborg and even created a little version of what that might look like.



This could turn into a fun little mobile game.

Production Images

The main focus of A Crooked Heart is to show the relationship between lovers in a world that rejects them.  They have a small village of kind and helpful creatures that have become their family.

The images below contain a mixture of old and new characters.  Some of them are lying on the floor, writhing in pain having been cut from the story.


VariationsArotha farmers Olive Troll Bridge Flora_002 Yodda AquaticAssassins2 ImperialGuards Troglos PalaceGuard_Version2 Flora_004_Flora DehnukaCrew PaaddockP3 Sam and Jack Lulu Heads Paaddock_P2 Turtle Paaddock_Phase1 LittleGrabber Basher Saevus Monsters FireStarter Gnasher AcidDrop_Normal_Template Isadora Kotar